Blauwalg alarm: Voorlopig is kajakken in Aalst niet toegestaan. In Denderleeuw geldt een waarschuwing om extra voorzichtig te zijn.

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Arrow tag


Bring out the archer in yourself! Arrow Tag is an exciting activity where you get to work with bow and arrows. You will be divided into two teams and each member will get a bow and a number of arrows. 

In a tactical and exciting duel you fight against the other team with the aim to eliminate each other and score as many points as possible. Bow and arrow dangerous? Absolutely not. The arrows are equipped with a soft tip so that the fun always remains. Are you ready for it? 3, 2, 1... shoot!


  • Duration
  • Price
    €30 p.p.
  • Participants
    Min. 15 people
  • Extra info
    from 10 years old
  • Clothing

    Sporty clothes
    Sturdy shoes

Online reservation and payment required via the booking form below. For more information you can also contact us by phone.

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