Blauwalg alarm: Voorlopig is kajakken in Aalst niet toegestaan. In Denderleeuw geldt een waarschuwing om extra voorzichtig te zijn.

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Rope course Blue Diamond


Our 16-metre-high giant is paradise for anyone who loves to climb and clamber around. Young and old can enjoy themselves on dozens of rope bridges, stairs, beams, etc. Balance, agility, strength and a good portion of guts will help you across the various bridges. Decide your own route and make your way through this challenging ropes course!

There are 3 floors of increasingly difficult obstacles, where you take the reins yourself and choose which challenge you accept and which you leave behind. Unleash the inner pendulum monkey inside you and discover how easily you can cross all the bridges!


  • Duration
  • Price
    € 25 p.p.
  • Participants
    From 1 person during opening hours
  • Extra info
    The 1st floor is accessible from 1m30 and for wheelchairs. The 2nd and 3rd floors are accessible from 1m50.
  • Clothing

    Sporty clothes
    Sturdy shoes with good grip

Online reservation and payment required via the booking form below. For more information you can also contact us by phone.

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