Blauwalg alarm: Voorlopig is kajakken in Aalst niet toegestaan. In Denderleeuw geldt een waarschuwing om extra voorzichtig te zijn.

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Frequently asked questions

Excited about going on an adventure but you still have some questions? Find out here what many adventurers still wonder about and what tips we can give them. Do you still have other questions? Be sure to check out our general practical information on the website!

You can find the opening hours of the adventure park on the Practical Info. 

Can't book an adventure park activity on a particular day? Then the park is probably closed...

Group activities of 10 people or more can be reserved at any time, however, as we will then engage an Outsider monitor. Can't find your preferred time in the online booking module? Then you can always contact us to see what the possibilities are.

When you come to visit us by public transport and you choose to take the train, it is best to book a ticket to the station of Erembodegem. The station of Erembodegem is much closer to our domain than the station of Aalst. Once you get off, it's only a short walk of 1 km to our adventure park. 

Do you prefer to come by bus? Line 2, with its stop at the Schotte Sports Complex, is the bus that stops closest to us.

Certainly! SportAG Aalst provides free parking for everyone participating in our activities.

Practical information about the parking:

  • The first 2.5 hours are always free; the ticket delivered at the entrance can be used at the exit.
  • If used between 2.5h and 5h, customers can validate their ticket for free at De Looyerij.
  • When used as a non-customer or longer than 5 hours, parking is charged; the pay machine is located at the entrance to the sports complex. For activities at The Outsider Aalst lasting longer than 5 hours, ask the on-site monitor to open the barrier.

At The Outsider, we don't shy away from any adventure and even a drop of rain doesn't stop us from giving our best. So in bad weather the planned activities go on as usual, sometimes the rain can even make it just extra fun!

The safety of every visitor and staff member is extremely important to us. For that reason, in certain cases and extreme weather conditions, such as lightning or severe thunderstorms, we may raise the emergency bell. For example, activities such as the Blue Diamond's ropes course may not take place.

As organizers we always have everything under control, only the water can sometimes be difficult. The water activities can exceptionally be stopped due to high water levels or Blue Algae on the Dender. 

Do you have bad luck and your water activity cannot take place? Don't panic, in that case you can choose one of the other activities that day or just pick a new date to enjoy your water fun. Please note that activities can be postponed for a maximum of 1 year.

What is best to wear for a day of adventure? Very simple, sporty clothes in which you can move well and shoes with a good profile. Keep in mind that your clothes and shoes can get dirty so don't pull out your favorite clothes. 

We probably don't need to draw you a picture, but with the water activities there is a chance that you could get wet. To avoid any foot injuries, we recommend wearing water shoes or sandals to give your feet extra protection. 

A life jacket is mandatory for all water activities, but these are provided by us. That way you can navigate the waters in complete safety.


You can do so during the opening hours of the adventure park! You can find them on the Practical Info page. 

Keep in mind that activities can always be sold out if you want to book them in advance.
It is best to book online in advance. You can do that just before you leave!
If you do not make a reservation, we will be happy to help you at the box office. You can pay via bancontact or cash.

Do you like to take a refreshing shower after the activity? Then you don't have to drive home especially for that. Through SportAG Aalst you can easily reserve a changing room with shower stall to refresh yourself after the activities.

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